About Me

Hi there Guitar Friends and Guitar Fiends!

A little background about Guitar Woodshed, and about me so you can get acquainted and know what we can do for you!

I’m Derek. I’ve been holding a guitar since I was 13. Music is my passion.

I’ve been teaching others the skill of playing guitar for over 20 years; and have been playing myself for 27 years. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to be guided by a player who has taught literally thousands over the years; and has lived and taught internationally.

Over a span of time, I developed a formula for better results when practicing- one to maximize time, two to maximize outcomes of better playing. You may have gotten overwhelmed in the information age, or plateaued, or maybe get confused trying to figure out how things work together on guitar- but it doesn’t have to be that way. You’ve come to the right place to make all those connections second nature in your playing.

When it comes to “woodshedding” (aka practice) there needs to be specific focused mini goals that you can achieve every time you plug in and play. These short-term mini goals lead to long term big results. I am here to help you with that. That is why I created Guitar Woodshed- where I can reach out and help those all around the globe on guitar- far wider reaching than in person and for far less the cost than learning in person with lessons.

I look forward to sharing with you the processes that get you the results you want in your playing, in less time, less pain and sounding the way you imagine it- and you CAN! I also look forward to you reaching your next level as I assist you to up your game.

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you; and share the passion of guitar together!

My Mission

Guitar Woodshed was formed to drive enthusiasm over the joy of and expression of guitar- and delivering results and inspiration to the developing guitar player. Our purpose is to lead you with demonstration, then skill implementation, leading to your playing transformation.

Above all, making the journey fun and exciting as the learner sees their 6-string skill level rise. Guitar Woodshed sees you as a friend with whom to share fun and interesting guitar playing- from specific players to specific styles, and exposure you to new inspiring songs, styles, and techniques- keeping you ever-improving your craft.

Guitar Woodshed

Guitar Woodshed was founded in 2021, to offer results-oriented guitar playing to you. With years of teaching experience- it was time to share the tips, tricks and strategies that lead to fast guitar growth to players around the globe. We’re here to serve the guitar community- and get you the fast playing results you seek- in quantifiable, easy-to-follow steps.

If you have questions about the courses/lessons- or want to drop in and say hi- please don’t hesitate to reach out– we’re here to serve you!

~ Derek Roland



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