Best guitar warm up & exercise! (Do THIS daily)

Jul 15, 2023

THIS daily warm up will sync your left and right hands- and strengthen them.

Here’s part I, so let’s get started. (TAB and VIDEO below!) And then stay posted for part II to really turbo charge your guitar skills!

The first portion of the exercise is Steve Vai-inspired. Huge game changer that will fast track your physical skill and coordination on guitar- along with timing, picking legato! 


  1. Right and left hand synchronization. (timing)
  2. Not hearing string interference (anticipate the next string and move left hand index milliseconds ahead of picking)
  3. Getting the 1st note per string louder (accentuated)
  4. Making slurred notes (hammer on’s and pull off’s) even in volume (keep them sustained)


  1. Better timing (4 note groupings, or one beat per note)
  2. Better finger strength
  3. Being able to FEEL the rhythm and anticipate the sound (and not just sputter and meander)
  4. Build physical strength in fingers and endurance
  5. Immense focus on the exercise to benefit ALL of your playing
  6. Ability to use all 4 left hand fingers
  7. Play both ALL PICKED notes and also SLURRED notes


1.Play the first note in the group of four (first note of each string) with an accent (play harder). You’ll begin to FEEL that set of four, and then you’ll be able to sync left and right hand together a lot easier. This is a good opportunity for a metronome- practice with the click happening on the first note in the group of four. Do 8th notes, then double speed to16ths.

2. From there, I wanted to MAXIMIZE time + practice benefits and really be able to utilize this warmup to maximum effect. That said, the next example is all legato (one note picked and the rest slurred). This is a different feel and requires more of your left-hand fingers to lay down pressure. So, you’ll benefit from serious left hand finger strength!

3. Imagine you only have 10 minutes, then THIS is what you should work on! It’ll make your scales, licks, and melodies much more effortless. In addition, you’re going to train deadly accurate left and right hand coordination as they work together better on timing. 

What to do next with it

Next, each day begin at a DIFFERENT set of four frets and get used to the FEEL of the frets spacings- it will REALLY help you in terms of not only warming up, but the ability to look away and get in tune with the FEEL of the guitar- not just visuals!

After that, try adding the chromatic notes (1/2 steps or one-fret distances) into musical ideas. For example, from fret 1 on the high E (an F note) use the F as a walk up to the 4th fret as the destination (an Ab note). Try that over an F minor chord to spice up the sound.

In summary

The picking portion is fun for an attack/machine gun like sound, and the liquidy legato is a great smooth sound- learn to do both!

Keep your eyes open for more articles on excellent warmups and guitar exercises that give you twice (OR MORE!) the results in half the time, my friend…….

Until next time!…


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Ultimate guitar finger trainer & warmup! (part I)


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