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Get the training you have been looking for on crafting licks and ideas ACROSS the neck- without years of frustration learning pieces and parts of licks. Here, you’ll use a formula- extended through each additional box!

For years I studied how pro guitar players make their way seamlessly along the neck while sounding musical. And how they can stop, play a phrase confidently and then pick up and transition to the next box. Also, how great guitar players create mini licks and ideas along the way. I distilled it down into a simple and easy approach for YOU to apply to YOUR playing!

  • PDF with TAB/notation of EVERY example, EVERY demonstration
  • TAB/notation on screen
  • Multiple camera angles
  • mp3 jam track
  • Full video training (log in/log out & pick up where you left off, or review)
  • Demonstration, implementation, and transformation in your pentatonic scale & licks on guitar!