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You will be able to do the following after each module!

Module 1: Chord-scale construction, chord progression construction, barre chord forms, inversions, fundamental soul techniques, framework for chord & lead-fills, 16th-note rhythm, the scales that complement the chord & how to practice them, jazz turnaround, dominant 7th chord usage & what single notes to use with it

Module 2: Applying “scratch” technique used in soul & funk, drop 2 chord voicings, advancing right hand strum technique, picked & slurred licks & sequences, bending & intonation

Module 3: Smoothly connecting chords & using single note connections among chords, changing intervals and scales to fit the chord progression, phrase development, thematic melody playing

Module 4: Slurring chords, sophisticated R&B/soul guitar techniques, applying inversions in movement along the neck, jazzy chord embellishments, sliding chords & inversions, colorful chord extensions

Module 5: Connecting and slurring triads & drop 2 chords, drone notes/open strings to facilitate movement of chords/single-note lines, R&B/soul-style legato & slurred chords, turning chords into arpeggio and single line ideas

Module 6: Chord substitution, embellishing a jazzy turnaround, triads & barre chord tricks, crafting slick melody lines, wide string bending, adding dynamics, lines with a contour, oblique bends, adding a shuffle/swing feel