R&B/Soul Guitar – Platinum Package



Platinum Package Inclusion:

  • Video lessons of all 7 songs
  • PDF files of all songs & lessons
  • Backing tracks- slow, mid, full tempo
  • Play-along tracks
  • Guitar Pro 7 files of all songs
  • Lesson walkthroughs
  • BONUS TRAINING: Practice Assignments
  • Next steps: Efficient practice for implementation and transformation: “Soloing: in deeper,” “fun 12-key practice- knowing the neck”, “Triad/arpeggio superimposing,” “Extended R&B techniques,” “How to change keys with ease”
  • ALL COMPLETE WITH: video training + Guitar PRO & PDF transcriptions


Fast-track your playing in less time and more results!

Save years trying to get your head around R&B/Soul guitar.

Get guided step-by-step process to get you the transformation you’ve been looking for in your playing.


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