Shoegaze/Dreampop Guitar: The Serious Player’s Guide – Basic Package


Basic Package Inclusion:

  • Video walkthrough of each lesson
  • Video playthrough (performance)
  • PDF files of all song & lesson
  • MP3’s of the song compositions
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The ONE COURSE on the market for Shoegaze & Dreampop that addresses tone, gear and ACTUAL PLAYING that will add astonishing sophistication to YOUR GUITAR PLAYING! A full study on 2 compositions, both with two guitar parts.

Why are you going to love Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course? It will:

  • Learn creative chord progressions, and approaches unique to Shoegaze & Dreampop.
  • You’ll crack the code on song structure (bridge, verse, chorus, intro..)
  • You’ll be able to play stretchier chords and cluster chords to great effect, and will be walked through the physical considerations, so you have the correct technique and positioning that is serving you.
  • You’ll unravel chord families, and how they work together and how you can further embellish them.
  • You will be able to play chord/melody (switch between chords and melodies and back & forth to be super entertaining).


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