Play R&B Guitar: The guide to explosive growth!

Fast-track your playing in less time and more results!

Save years trying to get your head around R&B/Soul guitar.

Get guided step-by-step process to get you the transformation you’ve been looking for in your playing.

Intermediate guitar players who want to learn R&B & Soul guitar and want it all put together: here’s your answer. The song structure, the notes, techniques, and atmosphere.

They say: “You have to know theory, your chords, your keys.”

With Play R&B guitar: The guide to explosive growth!, you’ll be guided through all those things. But instead of feeling scattered and confused by all the chords and notes, you’ll be focused and on-track, one building block at a time. So how would you like to feel centered and focused in your playing?

They say: “You have to learn a lot of songs”

You want to learn the core 20% that make up 80% of what you do, so when you do learn your favorite songs, it all makes sense. Why the chords are there, what the technique is, what key it is. Play R&B guitar: The guide to explosive growth! will make all those connections for you.

If you’re like me: I had an overload of information

– of chords, scales, notes… and teachers and professors would constantly throw new things at me before I could even begin to digest them, so the info wasn’t incorporating into my playing…
…I reverse engineered the learning process: using a system of steps- using and applying new concepts to what I already knew. If you follow the formula, you too can unleash the playing you’re been capable of.

After 21 years of training guitar players, and in the last 5 years using the learning process found in Play R&B guitar: The guide to explosive growth! I have seen player after player improve at a rapid rate when they put in daily time. They can then go on to learn all the songs they love, and can jam, write songs, improvise-without feeling lost, overwhelmed, or wonder what to play.

And that’s why I created Play R&B guitar: The guide to explosive growth! so you can also feel the reward and excitement that now you can play with confidence- add those chord flurries in a solo, bend, sound like Hendrix- or simply add some R&B/Soul sound to your playing.

Just imagine, this is what YOU will be able to do, just for choosing Play R&B guitar: The guide to explosive growth!

Module 1

Chord-scale construction, chord progression construction, barre chord forms, inversions, fundamental soul techniques, framework for chord & lead-fills, 16th-note rhythm, the scales that complement the chord & how to practice them, jazz turnaround, dominant 7th chord usage & what single notes to use with it

Module 2

Applying “scratch” technique used in soul & funk, drop 2 chord voicings, advancing right hand strum technique, picked & slurred licks & sequences, bending & intonation

Module 3

Smoothly connecting chords & using single note connections among chords, changing intervals and scales to fit the chord progression, phrase development, thematic melody playing

Module 4

Slurring chords, sophisticated R&B/soul guitar techniques, applying inversions in movement along the neck, jazzy chord embellishments, sliding chords & inversions, colorful chord extensions

Module 5

Connecting and slurring triads & drop 2 chords, drone notes/open strings to facilitate movement of chords/single-note lines, R&B/soul-style legato & slurred chords, turning chords into arpeggio and single line ideas

Module 6

Chord substitution, embellishing a jazzy turnaround, triads & barre chord tricks, crafting slick melody lines, wide string bending, adding dynamics, lines with a contour, oblique bends, adding a shuffle/swing feel

Here’s a sneak peak inside!!!

If you learned privately in lessons one-on-one, it would take 6 months to a year to go through the results you can get HERE faster & cheaper…  At $40 per lesson, that’d be $2,080!!! OMG!

But I had the opportunity to package up my system into an online course for you, and you can work at your speed and in the comfort of your home or studio for a fraction of the price!!!


What you will be able to do if you select a bonus package (Platinum or Premium packages)

Soloing: in deeper– Playing over changing chords, playing across the neck, adding variety to your melodies, adding dyads, triads, and arpeggios

The key to playing in all keys (melody/soloing): Play licks, melodies, and ideas smoothly in all 12 keys

How to change keys with ease!: Knowing which chord options to choose, setting up interesting chord progressions, modulation (changing key)

Triad/arpeggio superimposing: Playing other related sounds over chords to make them sound more unique and colorful in lead fills/solos.

…In just 2-3 months of using Play R&B guitar: The guide to explosive growth!, you will go from intermediate/novice at R&B & Soul to an advancing R&B guitar player. You’ll know how songs are put together and crafted, and know how to play them- rhythm, lead, lead fills. All it takes is some daily consistency- and letting me demonstrate then walk you through the steps, will make it fun and easy for you. You’ll be practicing with focus and purpose.

…On the other hand, if you pass up the opportunity at your doorstep: in 2-3 months, you’ll still be drifting around, watching confusing guitar videos on Youtube, or printing out random tabs and wondering what you should be playing on guitar-especially in today’s age of information overload.

That’s why I’m here to guide you through to get those results you are craving; and feel excited at being able to play R&B- or add elements of it to your personal style.


“Working With Derek’s material has developed my music playing immensely compared to where I was at with the guitar before. Learning things like the jazz ii-V-I the I-Vi-ii-V has improved my playing personally and with my band.”

– Winston Whitford

Band: No Alignment

“I gained a lot of traction studying the R&B/Soul online course- now I understand how guitar works. Before, I was trying to play songs. Now I know how chords go together and now guitar isn’t a mystery to me. “

– Jennie Boyd

“Derek is an experienced instructor and a talented musician. I’ve learned a lot from him so far and my playing has greatly improved. I’ve learned guitar theory and techniques including chord progressions and inversions, blues soloing, rhythm and lead, picking techniques and so much more. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Bill Shurman

“I really benefited from the courses. I wasn’t able to manage the chaos until I went through the coursework. I really recommend Derek’s courses to anyone who wants to learn! For me, especially the diminished sound.”

– Ryan St. John

Course FAQ

How long is the course- when does it start & end?

When you enroll, you will get access to all the contents in the package you selected (Basic, Premium or Platinum). It’s lifetime access and there’s no end/expiry. The video lessons will pick up where you left off. On shorter courses, I would say it would take the committed player who practices an hour per day around 2-3 months; going step by step and consistently practicing and completing the lessons and songs in each module. Others will have to go at their own pace and stretch it out a little longer.

How much music theory do I need to know to enroll in the course?

You want to enroll knowing where most of the notes are on the fretboard- at least the natural notes (non-sharp/flats), ability to hold a barre chord, and can use four fingers of the fretting hand. The rest I will guide you through.

How should I practice the material in the course?

Enrolling in the course is all about me giving you guided practice methods- a very systematic way to maximize your practice time; with very clear-cut goals on what you’re trying to achieve- and how you want to be practicing effectively.

How much should I practice?

At least 30-45 minutes per day if you can- maybe you have one day a week off, to recharge. If you can’t get that much time in: set smaller goals per-session.

For advancing players who really want to see rapid results and move steadily through the course- one hour per day or more. If your hands are aching, put it down and return later. You will get more out of short bursts than long, long periods of drills and repetition.