Shoegaze Chords: EASY chord patterns

Jun 28, 2024

EASY shape for beginners to intermediate Shoegaze guitar players!

Let’s get started with the easy shape above. That’s right, easy Shoegaze guitar with ONE shape, for the value of four sonic Shoegaze chords! From beginning to intermediate Shoegaze guitar players, if you’re a novice or through to an advancing guitarist: you will love implementing these spacious sounding chords.

Derived from a basic G: instead of a basic, vanilla sound: this chord pattern places ring finger on the 2nd string (the B string) and most importantly, the middle finger of the fretting hand on the 3rd string (G string). That note on the G string is a whole step above the root, an octave higher. Thus, it provides a little gnarly tension that sounds good while retaining harmony.

Shoegaze chord progressions often make a slight alteration to traditional, basic chords. This easy Shoegaze chord pattern keeps an open D string, that is in harmony with the surrounding chords.

The result is ALL-ON Shoegaze: sus chords and an add 9 chords! Really far out and ambient sounding.

Let’s explore more below on HOW to use the Shoegaze chord patterns and HOW to get them into your Shoegaze chord progressions and songs!

Above, an 8th-note driving rhythm occurs to add some energy to the movement of the chords. The voicings move high to create some tension and wandering movement in this common Shoegaze chords movement (utilizing the chords along the length of the strings).

The “and” of beat four carries over into the next bar to allow the music to breathe and to provide some space.

The ending of the Shoegaze chord progression dances around on G & D notes, D because it keeps reoccurring to the ear, and G is the root because it opened on home base with a variant on G: the Gsus2 chord.

To hear the EXACT rhythm above being played, check out the Shoegaze guitar chord video lesson by scrolling BELOW!

Now, let’s take another simple Shoegaze chord progression and apply the same thing!

Now, you’re in C. And to keep it simple, we move the SAME “cowboy” chord (basic C) around the neck to harmonious spots. The chord voicings start and end on C to give a resolution and intention.

Note that with the open G string in place, it binds them all together. The D creates some cool sonic friction.

The examples of Shoegaze chords are all in standard tuning are easy to get your fingers going where you want- and open a new way of approaching chords for you!

The rhythm remains the same in the song sample above, so you can apply the same strum pattern and more easily integrate these Shoegaze chord patterns into YOUR playing!

Get used to shifting quickly between chords.

Tip: relax the fretting hand when shifting, and lift fingers up a little so it minimizes string squeaks- thus sounding cleaner.

First off, take easy cowboy chord and move them along the strings, with the usual open strings remaining open. If you shoot for the 3 major triads of each key, you’ll be off to a good start! (i.e. in C: C, F, G). So, for the example, start with basic C, and move it up the neck leaving the G and E strings open, and you get really unusual, exotic ambient chords!

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