Shoegaze/Dreampop Guitar

The Serious Guitar Player’s Course

ATTENTION: Guitar players who want to get better FAST and LEARN and USE far-out new chords, and love Shoegaze & Dreampop..

“HOW TO Accelerate your guitar playing fast without spending tons of time & money.”

WITHOUT Going in circles from social media and Youtube along with boring method books & private lessons…

Not only will you learn lots of new chords and chord progressions, you’ll see how they WORK TOGETHER, and have a lot of lightbulb moments. I want you to steal lots of ideas and incorporate them into YOUR playing! It’s time to learn the skill of embellishing chords, crafting melodies, and even two-part guitar songwriting, my friend!

  1. Either you paid a lot of money to a guitar instructor or lessons online that weren’t worth the cost or
  2. After a long time of knowing just the basics and trying to self-study, you’ve come as far as you can on your own. Now you need some training on Shoegaze & Dreampop guitar.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Killer styles like Shoegaze along with Dreampop come with a need for study: under a wash of layers, it can be hard to pick out what to actually play. That’s why this course was created to highlight all the nuances for you.

Whether you know only a few chords- or if you can even solo proficiently- there is room to grow. You will CERTAINLY take a lot away from new exotic chords, new rhythms- and see your RAPID advancement.

Introducing Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course!


Chord-scale relationships, left hand dexterity, chord progression construction, barre chord forms, inversions, open string chord formation, commonalities found in Shoegaze & Dreampop, 2-part guitar arranging + full composition with song breakdown & walkthrough

Module 2: ADVANCED

Applying open strings to form exotic chords, changing key, complex strumming, chord inversions across the neck, string skipping, chord arpeggios, rhythm patterns of movement (ascending/descending) + advanced full composition with song breakdown & walkthrough

Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course: the ONE SOURCE on the internet with a FULL Shoegaze and Dreampop COURSE!

Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course is the only course on guitar instruction specifically on Shoegaze & Dreampop that I could find on the market! Finally, here’s your opportunity to learn and get started now…


Because my Shoegaze & Dreampop course serves the niche style of Shoegaze/Dreampop, and elements of Post Rock. It is so focused that there is absolutely no fluff. You’ll learn chords that would make Slowdive smile and My Bloody Valentine marvel at hearing you play..


Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course is super easy-to-use. IT’S THE COURSE FOR YOU IF:
… you’re struggling to branch out from cowboy chords into intermediate level of play, THIS is how to up your game! You don’t need a lot of theory, as you’ll be walked through. From tips like left hand wrist and finger positioning, you don’t need to have a huge background in chords..
… EVEN IF you’re a newbie to Shoegaze & Dreampop, the concepts, lessons and compositions within the course will have you going pro- AND all the concepts apply to OTHER STYLES as well!.
… EVEN IF you’ve learned a lot of Shoegaze and Dreampop- say you know a good number of Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine- the course is guaranteed to have you discover new chords and being used in new ways. How so? Within, you’ll find jazzy and atmospheric chord combinations that even stretch beyond the two genres- that way you can see measurable growth. You owe it to yourself to take the journey- you’ll learn many new approaches..

Whether you know only a few chords- or if you can even solo proficiently- there is room to grow. You will CERTAINLY take a lot away from new exotic chords, new rhythms- and see your RAPID advancement.

To understand what makes Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course unique: the course is a powerful tool for you. I assure you: a lot of band’s songs and arrangements- along with structures- were meticulously studied, and that was baked into the course.

The sooner you get started, the sooner we can kickstart your rapid development and get you playing Shoegaze and Dreampop fluently. DON’T DELAY, START TODAY!

All this for less than the cost of weekly lessons-which can be slow and painful- and a mix of this and that rather than FOCUSED on SHOEGAZE along with DREAMPOP. Here, you can get an expert/fan’s insight on what you should be playing, step-by-step…

You’ll be given step-by-step simple formulas in a sequential order. Just plug in & follow my walkthrough.

Let me tell you: for years, I, like many others, was all over the place with chords. Hard to remember and different long names and different keys. I was confused. That is until I developed the system I use in this Shoegaze/Dreampop course. Then it was beta-tested on students. They got the results, and were spared the pain I went through feeling at a loss over chord names and how to use them..

Here’s a sneak peak inside the course!

If you learned privately one-on-one, it would take a year to go through all this material!  At $40 per 1/2 hour lesson, that’d be $2,080!!! Even if you did one hour a week for a lesson, you’d still hand over that much cash. Here, you have the material in video, PDF…. and access to even more!

Fortunately I had the opportunity to package up my system into an online course for you, and you can work at your speed and in the comfort of your home or studio for a fraction of the price of lessons!


What you will be able to do if you select a bonus package, “NEXT STEPS!” (Platinum or Premium packages)
-along with it, you get an EXTRA BONUS, “PARALLEL KEY”:

-Make music out of chord-scales
-Navigate along the fretboard with ease
-Craft original sounding chords by utilizing open strings
-Create your own ideas following easy principles
-How to devote two beats to chords, two beats to melodies
-Shoegaze & Dreampop GEAR GUIDE! Full lowdown on genre specific pedals, how to put them in order on the chain of effects- and
even using software- amp simulators & pedals!
…but that’s not all!…

…In “Parallel Key” you’ll learn to to change key both smoothly and unexpectedly to the listener. You’ll learn to slide chords, and learn chords that combine open strings with barre shapes!


“Working With Derek’s material has developed my music playing immensely compared to where I was at with the guitar before. Learning things like the jazz ii-V-I the I-Vi-ii-V has improved my playing personally and with my band.”

– Winston Whitford

Band: No Alignment

“Derek is an experienced instructor and a talented musician. I’ve learned a lot from him so far and my playing has greatly improved. I’ve learned guitar theory and techniques including chord progressions and inversions, blues soloing, rhythm and lead, picking techniques and so much more. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Bill Shurman

Imagine What It Would Be Like To…
…Know how to utilize Shoegaze and Dreampop chords that STAND OUT and are really spicy…..
…Develop much greater coordination in your left hand, able to grab chord shapes you haven’t encountered or thought of- and with specific physical approaches to achieve it…
…Never looking at chords the same way again- in the Shoegaze/Dreampop course, unorthodox chords and dreamy chords are revealed, along with strategies to help you come up with your own too!…

You can have all of these things with Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course.
How Do I Know Shoegaze/Dreampop: The Serious Guitar Player’s Course Works?
Training literally into the thousands on guitar for over two decades, I offer to you not only a special niche course in Shoegaze & Dreampop- but a pro presentation and demonstration. Everything is delivered to you at a digestible speed, and you can keep going back and visiting the video lessons. All of the material is given to you in a logical sequential order- in which we build on what you know and keep upping your game!

Course FAQ

How long is the course- when does it start & end?

When you enroll, you will get access to all the contents in the package you selected (Basic, Premium or Platinum). It’s lifetime access and there’s no end/expiry. The video lessons will pick up where you left off. On shorter courses, I would say it would take the committed player who practices an hour per day around 2-3 months; going step by step and consistently practicing and completing the lessons and songs in each module. Others will have to go at their own pace and stretch it out a little longer.

How much music theory do I need to know to enroll in the course?

You want to enroll knowing where most of the notes are on the fretboard- at least the natural notes (non-sharp/flats), ability to hold a barre chord, and can use four fingers of the fretting hand. The rest I will guide you through.

How should I practice the material in the course?

Enrolling in the course is all about me giving you guided practice methods- a very systematic way to maximize your practice time; with very clear-cut goals on what you’re trying to achieve- and how you want to be practicing effectively.

How much should I practice?

At least 30-45 minutes per day if you can- maybe you have one day a week off, to recharge. If you can’t get that much time in: set smaller goals per-session. For advancing players who really want to see rapid results and move steadily through the course- one hour per day or more. If your hands are aching, put it down and return later. You will get more out of short bursts than long, long periods of drills and repetition.