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Thanks for stopping by to hang out, Guitar Friend! You’ve come to the right place to get the results you’ve been looking for on guitar. From free courses to in-depth courses, you have access to guitar resources that will help you continue to stay inspired and fired-up- and continue to grow on the instrument. Thanks for being a part of the guitar community!

About Me

Guitar Woodshed was founded in 2021, to offer results for the enthusiastic and developing guitarist who is eager to get results.

21 years of teaching guitar professionally, and 5 years teaching online- Guitar Woodshed wanted those around the globe with access to helpful guitar instruction that helps catapult their playing to next-level (and for far less the cost of weekly in-person lessons).

For Guitar Woodshed, helping friends and the community of excited guitar players is a passion and lifestyle.

My Courses

R&B Course

Diminished in Metal & Rock

Duane Allman Style


“Working With Derek’s material has developed my music playing immensely compared to where I was at with the guitar before. Learning things like the jazz ii-V-I the I-Vi-ii-V has improved my playing personally and with my band.”

– Winston Whitford

Band: No Alignment

“I gained a lot of traction studying the R&B/Soul online course- now I understand how guitar works. Before, I was trying to play songs. Now I know how chords go together and now guitar isn’t a mystery to me. “

– Jennie Boyd

“Derek is an experienced instructor and a talented musician. I’ve learned a lot from him so far and my playing has greatly improved. I’ve learned guitar theory and techniques including chord progressions and inversions, blues soloing, rhythm and lead, picking techniques and so much more. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Bill Shurman

“I really benefited from the courses. I wasn’t able to manage the chaos until I went through the coursework. I really recommend Derek’s courses to anyone who wants to learn! For me, especially the diminished sound.”

– Ryan St. John